Building giant robots
(Admittedly there is a zoids bias)

Pics of the finished build, not detailed or decal’d yet.

Took about an hour and a half, but I put all the armor on along with the “mane”. I took the two spikes off the tail to sticker them with the supplied white, and immediately changed tactics. I was wondering why noone seemed to use them, and now I know. Cheaaap cheap cheap

The sword is being rubber banded right now, because it came a bit warped, but it’s nothing I can’t fix.

Since I’m not using the stickers to create the white parts, I’m painting them on instead. There’s also a bit of armor I need to paint white, along with an area on the back legs that needs painting white too. So I did the first layer of that tonight and detailed the nooks and crannies, and should be able to finish it tomorrow.

I should mention how much I love the blue color. It looks fantastic. 

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